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Frequently asked questions


What is Artome Cinema?

Artome Cinema is a home theater designed as design furniture. Artome Cinema combines interior design with a high-quality sound experience.

Where is Artome Cinema manufactured?

Artome Cinema is designed and manufactured in Heinola, Finland.

What is difference between Artome Cinema 2.1 and Artome Cinema 3.1?

Size and speaker system are different. Artome Cinema 2.1 is a stereo speaker system with a subwoofer. If you are watching traditional TV channels or listening to music, then Artome Cinema 2.1 is just right for your needs.

If you watch series or movies from streaming services or pay channels, Artome Cinema 3.1 enables Dolby Digital Home Theater experience.

Do I always have to buy Artome Cinema with AV receiver or can I use my own AVR?

You can use your own AVR as long as you make sure it fits inside of Artome Cinema and it includes CEC control. The required internal cable set is included.

Where can I buy Artome Cinema?

From Artome webshop or straight from Artome shop where you can test Artome Cinema.

What is the guarantee?

Two (2) years.

Home and interior

Can I get Artome Cinema in a different color or leg?

Yes. You can customize Artome Cinema from 120 different variations to fit your needs. Customize your Artome Cinema here.

Are cables or devices visible?

No. All cables and devices are pre-installed inside the product.

Is there storage space in Artome Cinema?

There is no traditional storage space. Artome Cinema 3.1 includes device space for a small STB or media player (eg Apple TV). Artome Cinema 2.1 does not have a device space.

How is Artome Cinema kept clean?

Artome Cinema can be wiped with a damp towel and a detergent designed for furniture. The front fabric can be vacuumed with minimum power.

Can a toddler break Artome Cinema?

Yes. To our knowledge, some toddlers get it all broken. However, we have taken this into account in the design and the speakers cannot be accessed with fingers unless the front grille is removed. Also, the technical space cannot be accessed without opening the protective front door.

Is Artome Cinema sold as mere furniture without technology?

Unfortunately, no. We do not design or produce traditional furniture.

Operation and connections

How is Artome Cinema used? Does the technical space door always have to be open for the remote to work?

Artome Cinema is automatic and does not need to be used at all. You only use the TV remote control as always; When you turn the TV on or off, Artome Cinema turns on and off. When you adjust the volume, the volume of the Artome Cinema instead of the TV is adjusted.

Do you need to buy any accessories or cables to make Artome Cinema work?

No need. Artome Cinema is plug’n play product and ready-made in factory. All you have to do is connect the included HDMI cable to the TV’s HDMI ARC input, and the pairing of TV and Artome Cinema is automatic. On some TVs, the CEC function must be turned on. Artome Support is happy to provide instructions.

Can I connect accessories like a DVD, game console or Apple TV to Artome Cinema?

You can, but to ensure ease of use, we recommend that you connect the accessories directly to the TV. The TV transmits the sound to Artome Cinema.

Can I connect a turntable to Artome Cinema?

You can. The AVR should be a model with a turntable connection or, alternatively, you can switch your turntable to a wireless Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500 turntable.

To which TV’s HDMI connection do I connect Artome Cinema?

To HDMI ARC -input. ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. Through that connection, sound passes to the Artome Cinema.

What is the automatic control of Artome Cinema based on?

CEC standard (Consumer electronic control). All modern TVs with an HDMI connection have this function. In TVs, the CEC standard is most often indicated by the manufacturer’s marketing name; Anynet + (Samsung), Simplink (LG), Viera (Panasonic), BRAVIA Link (Sony), Easylink (Philips), etc.


Whose speakers does the product have?

Speakers are designed and manufactured by Artome. The product has been designed by group of Finnish designers, whose products have been sold by thousands around the world.

Can I listen to music on Artome Cinema with the TV off?

You can. Artome Cinema has Bluetooth or Yamaha MusicCast for wireless music playback. You don’t have to open the front door to listen to music, Artome Cinema starts automatically.

Can the subwoofer level be adjusted?

Yes you can. The volume level of each speaker can be adjusted separately.

Does the low mounting height of the speakers affect the sound quality?

The mounting angle of the speakers has been adjusted to take into account the low mounting height. To create the best possible stereo image, we recommend a listening distance of at least 2.5 m.

Can the surround speakers be connected to Artome Cinema?

Artome Cinema 3.1 enables Dolby Digital 5.1 home theater by adding surround speakers. Surround speakers can be wired straight to AV amplifier of Artome Cinema or wirelessly with Yamahan MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 speakers.

Can I get just as good sound quality by placing regular speakers inside a regular TV table?

Traditional speakers are designed to operate in an open space. Sound quality is affected if the speaker is placed in an enclosed space.