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Artome Cinema is a home theater in the form of a design furniture


Finnish design

Artome Cinema is a Finnish design furniture that hides a powerful soundbar and all the electronics and cables inside the furniture cabinet. Artome Cinema is customized to fit the decoration of your home as you can customize the look to match your interior design.

Safe and tidy

Artome Cinema hides all the sensitive technical parts of the system from children and pets. Product is designed to support the weight of a large flat screen TV and it can be kept clean with regular cleansers. The absence of additional cables and the height of the furniture makes it easy to keep the dust away.

No compromises with sound

Finland is known for its expertise on high audio design. Artome Cinema is made by Finnish top designers, and it has been the choice of many music professionals for their home systems.

The high-quality sound offers a movie theatre quality experience and music can be listened wirelessly.

Suitable for everyone

Artome Cinema requires no technical know-how, and it can be used by everyone. Product doesn’t need to be controlled, it works smoothly as a pair with a TV or mobile device.

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  • Speaker system Built-in stereo, center and subwoofer speakers
  • Dimensions (width, depth, height) 184  x 49 x 39 cm
  • Weight 65 kg
  • Frame material MDF
  • Speaker type
    • 5″ full-range speakers
    • 8″ active subwoofer
  • Frequency range 40-20000Hz
  • Crossover 90Hz, 4000Hz
  • Sensitivity 89dB/1m/2,83V
  • Power 120W
  • Warranty 2 years